Photography Contest Celebration and Exhibit

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Music/Food and beverages/Prize​s/Free to the public.

When: Sat, September 20, 1pm – 4pm

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Another Great Year for Young Friends of the Jordan

image loadingThe weather was perfect for the last day of this years Young Friends Program. Each session the kids were able  to get out and experience the wild wonders of the Jordan River Valley first hand!

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Restore the Public Trust
Letter to the NRC - legal challenge to confront Fracking
Letter to the NRC from FOJ
Insiders Sound an Alarm Amid a Natural Gas Rush
When Fracking Comes to Town - video
Fracking Hell: The Untold Story - video
Ban Hydro Fracking in Michigan - get your bumper sticker!
Fracking Disaster
- Ban Horizontal Fracking in Michigan

Proposed Fracking in Michigan

How is it Different
Drilling the Well
How Much Ground Does it Cover
What Can Go Wrong
How Safe is it
What is the Science


Biodiversity Matters
FOJ's Comments on Biodiversity Stewardship Areas
Biodiversity Stewardship Areas


FOJ's Opposition to Biomass
Biomass - Up In Smoke, Burning The Future
Call for a Moratorium on Tree Burning for Power in Michigan - video

Environmental - other

Watercraft Issues on the Jordan River - video